Workplace Fairness is…

WF MentalMap websiteEvery participant in the organizational culture deserves equality of concern and respect. This equality of concern and respect encourages organizations to use communication, collaboration, and proactivity in their business processes.

By applying the Core Value of Workplace Fairness, organizations will be encouraged to practice communication, collaboration and proactivity to their business process to produce a desirable organization culture that will enhance shareholder and stakeholder value.

Would you l ike to learn more about how your organization scores in Workplace Fairness? Find out more about the assessment here:




Are you a thought leader in your organization?  Are you committed to Workplace Fairness? I can help you to achieve your goals through facilitated dialogue with peers from across different industries, coaching and training. Call me today to learn more about Workplace Fairness Champions.

Marjorie Munroe, C.Med.
403 542 6998

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