Workplace Fairness Ombudsman Office

The WF Ombudsman Office provides an independent, impartial, informal, and confidential environment for your employees to discuss workplace concerns and resolve issues.

From mediating disputes to planning and practicing for a difficult conversation, the WF Ombudsman advocates for fairness and accountability by listening and supporting employees with problematic issues at all levels of your organization with complete confidentiality. Read more about the Ombudsman.

What services does the Ombudsman Office offer?

  • Workplace Fairness Assessment – a one-day 360 review of existing conflict management ensures congruence with company goals and strategies and good Workplace Fairness decisions.
  • Conflict Resolution – strengthens working relationships and enhances productivity through informal conflict resolution.
  • Interpersonal Mediation – mitigates risk of escalating conflict, eases workplace stress and ensures fair treatment and a workable resolution for all involved.
  • Workplace Restorations – ensures rebuilding of workplace respect and adherence to workplace respect policies after difficult conflict.
  • Rebuilding Relationships /Meeting Facilitation – builds capacity for sound meeting management and decision making.
  • Conflict Coaching – empowers staff to resolve their own disputes and strengthen their working relationships.
  • Training – builds capacity in areas of conflict management, diversity, respectful workplace, trust, collaboration, time management, dealing with difficult behaviours, change management.
  • Ombudsman Quarterly Reporting – provides early identification of systemic issues and enables more strategic decision making.

What does it cost?

We offer service packages for both our regional and virtual offices. These packages are designed to reduce your costs on an ongoing basis while maintaining a high level and quality of service. They are also designed to offer you a holistic approach to conflict risk mitigation.

You choose how to spend your hours!

The WFI Ombudsman office responds to all requests for specialized training. We are able to develop and deliver most HR related training within the contract term.

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