Fall 2015, HRIA, Occupational Health and Wellness

The Six Levels of Workplace Health: A Diagnostic Tool, by Blaine Donais, Marjorie Munroe & Michelle Phaneuf

“The theory of “workplace health” can be best described by comparing a workplace to a human being. As humans, our health is often affected by the choices we make regarding diet, exercise, stress and generally the way we choose to live our lives. Poor diet, excessive stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and destructive behaviours such as alcohol and drug abuse can often lead to poor health.

The same can be said of a workplace’s health. Often workplaces exhibit behaviours which are indicative of poor conflict management, leading to unfair decisions, a high turnover rate, and unproductive workplaces.” Read more.

Winter 2013, Human Capital Magazine, HRIA

Addressing the Gap between Mental Health and Workplace Fairness Policy and Practice, by Marjorie Munroe, Morgan Craig-Broadwith, and Shelly Ptolemy.

“Recognizing that diversity includes more than simply culture, employers who are forward-thinking and careful to include supports and awareness for mental health in their diversity and inclusion policies and discussion will be rewarded with increased engagement and workplace participation.” Read more

February 2013, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun,  Regina Leader Post

Workplace Mediation Calms Conflict
Derek Sankey

“When Marjorie Munroe usually gets the call from a frustrated boss or an irritated human resources manager, it’s usually about six months later than she would have liked.” Read More.

Fall 2012, Network Magazine

A Workplace Fairness Assessment at Vista Projects: Process, Results and Benefits
Marjorie Munroe

“In Alberta’s booming oil and gas sector it is becoming increasingly important for competitive companies to differentiate themselves for potential employees and to think strategically about retaining employees. Vista Projects, a privately held full services engineering and procurement (EP) company launched a Workplace Fairness Assessment in November 2011, aimed at furthering their goal of cultivating, maintaining and promoting a healthy work environment for current and future employees.” Read More.


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