Workplace Culture – Creating Intentional Shifts

On our Friday, May 25th Workplace Fairness Luncheon, Jenn Lofgren with Incito Consulting led us in a conversation focused on shifting Workplace Culture. 

Jenn shared with us a case study of an organization that Incito Consulting worked with to shift culture to improve safety, communication and accountability.  This was a two pronged approach as Jenn embarked on supporting the leadership  and Marjorie and Michelle’s efforts concentrated on the employee group.   Leadership coaching, leadership skills training, employee interviews, a discovery report and a focus group meeting were utilized to bring awareness to the issues, gain acknowledgement and build understanding.  The discovery report revealed employees struggled with feeling safe and comfortable in their work environment and showed concern about the perceived lack of communication from leadership while leadership was seeking accountability and engagement from their employees and a focus on client satisfaction.   Acknowledgement of these issues and a commitment from leadership to address them was the first step in creating a shift.

With Jenn’s guidance the leadership group worked to address behaviours that were affecting communication, accountability and a return to a comfortable work environment.  The focus group was made up of employee sanctioned representatives from all areas of the organization.  A full day facilitated session with Marjorie and Michelle enabled the group to build understanding, move forward and brainstorm ideas to improve efficiency and client satisfaction.

A few curve balls were encountered along the way including a change in HR management, a change in leadership structure, new leaders and the late addition of a sister company.  Commitment began to slip and people began falling into old patterns when situations became challenging.  Looking back, opportunities for difficult conversations were overlooked and would have enabled a smoother transition forward.

The results of the culture shift were extremely tangible for this organization.  Profits were increased substantially, stress was reduced amoung leaders and accountability was improved.  Better-quality customer and employee relationships increased engagement and customer satisfaction and improved the reputation of this organization within the industry.

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