Standards for a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

Last week I spent a very worthwhile day at the Bottom Line Conference.   The Canadian Mental Health Association, Calgary Region, has announced the launch of its Workplace Mental Health Program.  And, the conference also celebrated the launch of a new standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace.


Do you work in a workplace with a positive approach to psychological health and safety?  One that is better able to recruit and retain talent, has improved employee engagement, enhanced productivity, is more creative and innovative, and has higher profit levels?  The new voluntary standard provides a road-map to get there, with implementation scenarios for small and large enterprises.  You can download it for free here.

In addition to providing a road-map for small and large business alike, the new voluntary standard talks to diversity, change management, leadership, data collection,  and education.  It is a valuable resource.

So how do you know if you work in a psychologically healthy workplace?  What evidence would you see, or do you see now? I would love to hear from you.  Please respond below.

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